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play hard ... play hooky


I learned to crochet on Thanksgiving Day, 2006. I was pregnant with my oldest girl, Bryn. My sister-in-law had just learned to knit and crochet to pass the time between curtain calls and had her yarn with her. In an effort to avoid doing the post-feast dishes – actually I was mesmerized watching her, the cleaning thing was a bonus – I asked her to teach me. Later that night we went to a friend’s house where I worked on my swatch - all the while thinking that a sl st was actually a sc. It was the ugliest, wonkiest, brightest little yellow swatch, but I was seriously proud – That was just the beginning.


I started Playin’ Hooky Designs in 2009 out of necessity. I didn’t want to stop learning and making beanies, so I had to start selling them to pay for my yarn habit. Very quickly I realized that I had designs in my head that I couldn’t find patterns for, so I start creating my styles. I like creating designs for men, women, and kids alike; beanies that can be worn by everyone whether they spend every day in the mountains, or just want to look like they do.


Playin’ Hooky is my business and my passion. I work from home in the mountains of Colorado… when my kids let me. Come to think about it, that’s probably why I mostly specialize in beanies… they’re small, relatively quick, and crochADD-proof. ;)

Staying at home with my kids and owning a business that I’m passionate about is my dream come true.

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