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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Give the gift of Hooky!

Choose your gift level for the crocheter or beanie-lover in your life. After you place your order, you'll receive an email confirmation with a code to claim your gift. Gift values are in increments of $5, so be SURE to choose the right quantity when you order - qty 2 = $10; qty 5 = $25 and so on.

Let me know any special requests (send to the receiver's email with a personal note...) in the notes when you order.

Here are a list of some of my prices so you know how much to get!
Crochet patterns: $2.95 to $5 (most are $4.50)
Kid's Beanies: $25
Adult's Beanies: $30
Headbands: $15
Coffee Cozies: $15
Fingerless Gloves: $30
Flying Discs: $8 - $15 (the 'regular' ones are $15)
Shipping: $5.50*

* If you're local to me please let me know so I can take off your shipping charge too!
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